5 Digital Marketing Certifications Worth Pursuing This Year

Digital marketing certifications are a fantastic way for professionals to refine, hone, and improve their skills in the modern online marketing landscape. As the world transforms and customers continue to search for brands, products, and guidance online, digital marketing has become a crucial investment for almost every brand.

At the same time, the demand for digital marketing experts is rising as the industry becomes more competitive and diverse.

In this post, we will look at some of the best digital marketing certificates worth pursuing if you want to start a career in digital marketing. 

1. Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Certification

Reliablesoft is a digital marketing academy offering online courses to students searching to start a digital marketing career. 

The brand’s popular Digital Marketing certification helps students develop crucial, job-ready digital marketing skills.

This fast-paced and comprehensive course provides learners actionable tips on developing their online presence, building website traffic, and working with innovative marketing campaigns.

Why take this certification?

Designed for beginners, the Reliablesoft Digital Marketing certification is a step-by-step guide to online success. Students can discover how to leverage some of the most valuable digital marketing channels to increase traffic and sales.

The training program includes access to 13 courses and 92 lessons, covering a breadth of around 280 topics connected to digital marketing. 

You’ll learn how to master SEO (fundamentals and advanced topics), how to create winning Facebook and Google ads, and how to succeed with social media marketing. Other topics include:

  • Email marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube marketing

The program prepares students for a career in all facets of online marketing, opening the door to careers such as Digital Marketing expert, SEO specialist, email marketing coordinator, and content marketing specialist. Both an SEO certificate and a digital marketing certificate are included. 

Cost and duration

The Reliablesoft Digital Marketing certificate can be completed in as little as two weeks, but it’s worth dedicating up to 60 days to your education, depending on your study rate.

Typically, the courses included would add up to around $780, but the course is currently available for a bundle price of $149. This includes access to a 30-degree subscription or SEMRush Pro and various discounts for other popular digital marketing tools. A 60-day money-back guarantee is also included.

2. Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce Certification

Delivered by the search giant, the Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce certification is one of the top digital marketing certifications you can pursue this year.

This comprehensive program is ideal for students planning on working alongside businesses in the eCommerce world to help catapult their growth. 

No degree or experience is required to get started, and the program includes a behind-the-scenes overview of some of the world’s most popular platforms and tools. Students will learn how to use solutions like Shopify, Hootsuite, Google Ads, and Google Analytics from Google marketing experts. 

Why take this certification?

The Google Digital Marketing & Ecommerce course not only provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills in PPC, content marketing, SEO, and other forms of online marketing. It also ensures would-be professionals can build an attractive portfolio to showcase to employers. 

The program consists of around 7 courses and comes with access to a highly recognized Google certification. During the course, students will learn how to pinpoint their ideal customers with user personas and attract and convert prospects. 

You’ll practice using a combination of SEO and SEM strategies to boost your online traffic and experiment with a range of tools to build your own eCommerce store capable of delivering consistent sales. The course also includes insights into the following:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Email marketing and automation
  • How to manage an eCommerce store
  • Developing customer loyalty online
  • Building your brand identity with marketing

The Google certification will prepare students for a career in various digital marketing roles, such as marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, paid search specialist, and media planner.

According to Google, 75% of students who complete this course report an improvement in their career, and the average salary for graduates is around $63,000 annually.

Cost and duration

The 7 courses in the Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce certification include around 152 hours of content. Most students can complete this course within three months if they devote around 48 hours of study per week to their education.

New Coursera customers can access the certification for 7 days for free before paying a monthly subscription fee of $39 month, equalling around $117 in overall cost. Financial aid can also be applied in some cases.

3. SimpliLearn Digital Marketing Specialist

Covering many of the core facets of digital marketing, the SimpliLearn Digital Marketing Specialist course is a master’s level program intended to transform students into industry experts. The comprehensive “bootcamp” style course covers everything from pay-per-click marketing to SEO, social media, conversion optimization, and email marketing.

Expert sessions are provided by the Facebook team, and students can interact with live instructors across a range of classes, asking questions as they go. This premium course breaks your education into a series of self-paced lessons and instructor-led solutions.

Why take this certification?

Anyone looking to further their career in digital marketing or explore new roles in the promotional field can benefit from this certification. Alongside behind-the-scenes insights into some of the most important marketing methodologies, the course includes step-by-step instructions on using important tools.

As you move through the lessons, you’ll learn how to leverage more than 40 different marketing tools, which you can add to your roster as you further your career. What’s more, alongside a certification of completion, this course will give you the tools you need to prepare for certification for Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook.

Backed by expert instructors and a moderated community, the SimpliLearn certification will help you master the marketing skillset you need to thrive in a competitive industry. Throughout the lessons, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan, manage, and execute multi-channel campaigns
  • Use various tools like email and mobile to attract customers
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of top-of-mind marketing functions
  • Understand how digital marketing disciplines work together
  • Lead marketing teams and digital marketing initiatives

The course will prepare you for a high-level career in the digital marketing landscape, with a potential average salary of around $102,358. You’ll be able to explore roles related to Digital Marketing leadership, team management, and business growth. 

Cost and duration

This premium course will take approximately 1 year to complete. However, learners can work at their own pace using video modules.

The course price is approximately $1,499 though discounts are sometimes available. You’ll also gain a $99 Facebook Blueprint voucher for free.

4. Digital Marketing Institute DMI Pro

Founded in 2009, the Digital Marketing Institute is a better-known digital marketing training provider today. They offer various certifications and diplomas covering various marketing disciplines and work with various educational partners.

The Digital Marketing DMI Pro certificate includes 30 hours of dedicated training on key marketing disciplines.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of digital marketing practices like content marketing, SEO, social media advertising, PPC, video advertising, and email marketing. There are also useful insights available into website optimization, Google analytics, and strategic marketing.

Why take this certification?

According to DMI, 68% of graduates say the DMI Pro course helped them earn a career promotion, and 38% got a new role in digital marketing. 

This certification aligns with global qualification frameworks and helps students prove their knowledge of crucial marketing strategies in countless industries. 

The course comprises several video-based lessons, exams, and assignments where students can practice their skills and demonstrate what they’ve learned. 

Throughout the program, you’ll discover how to optimize your website to improve your chances of increased leads and traffic. You’ll also work with various tools to produce display, video, email, and social media marketing campaigns to add to your portfolio. Some of the core topics included are:

  • Digital marketing strategy and cultural research
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • Social media advertising (paid and organic)
  • Display and video advertising
  • Website optimization and analytics

Alongside technical skills, this course also provides an overview of some of the key soft skills you’ll need to develop to become an effective digital marketer, such as the art of persuasion. The course also comes with access to live webinars and instruction. 

Cost and duration

DMI offers students a range of payment plans to make accessing course content easier for those on a budget. The total cost for the certification is $1,955 and includes access to a full certificate recognized worldwide.

Overall, the program comprises 30 hours of content, and students will have 24 weeks to complete all classes at their own pace. On average, it will take around 8-10 weeks to finish this course if you devote 3-4 hours per week to studying.

5. Meta Social Media Marketing Professional

Focusing on the evolving world of social media marketing, the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional certificate is an industry-leading program. Requiring no experience in social media management, this course provides students with a comprehensive insight into online marketing on channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Although many course components are centered around Meta products like Instagram, and Facebook, you’ll also learn how to use other leading channels like TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn more effectively to drive marketing results. The course also includes expert case studies and insights from Meta and Aptly professionals. 

Why take this certification?

This digital marketing certification will prepare anyone to turn their love of social media into a lucrative career. You’ll learn how to create a presence on any channel people want to follow, and develop transferrable skills in digital marketing. 

Upon successfully completing the course, students also gain access to the exclusive Meta Career Job board, where they can connect with more than 200 employers. Plus, the ACE recommended course with a professional and Meta Digital Marketing Association certificate. 

Throughout the lessons, students will develop various skills related to social media marketing, learning how to create branded pages, develop their visual presence, and design a content calendar. You’ll also build a full campaign within the Meta Ads manager. Other topics include:

  • The fundamentals of social media advertising
  • Marketing with Meta technologies
  • Examining customer personas and target audiences
  • Measuring and optimizing social campaigns with analytics
  • Directing a social media marketing team

Successful graduates of this course can expect an average salary of around $44,900 per year, working as a social media coordinator, specialist, or manager. The course also allows students to earn up to 2 college credits with participating universities. 

Cost and duration

The Meta Social Media marketing certification comprises approximately 70 hours of content, resources, and videos. At a rate of approximately 48 hours of study per month or 12 hours per week, you can complete this course in 2 months. 

The program costs $49 per month with a Coursera subscription, adding up to around $98 in total. There’s also a 7-day free trial available for beginners. 


As demand for marketing and advertising professionals increases worldwide, the right digital marketing certifications can be an excellent investment for students. 

With the courses above, you’ll be able to develop your skills and knowledge in some of the essential fundamental areas of digital marketing, from SEO to social media. 

What’s more, you’ll have an opportunity to build your portfolio and impress new potential employers with industry-recognized certifications from some of the biggest brands in the digital landscape.

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